Vinayak Garg :


Vinayak Garg is the Founder of Zest.Md. The focus of the company is on using technology to improve wellness for patients. The products are currently used by 3000+ dietitians in 12 countries across the globe, serving over a million patients.

Vinayak was among the 12 fellows chosen under the Gurukul program (2008), run by H.H. Dalai Lama’s foundation. He spent two months in the monastery of H.H. Dalai Lama, and it marked the start of his journey into mindfulness, meditation and exploring spirituality.

Currently, Vinayak spends his time as an advocate of ‘Digital Mindfulness’, focused on finding the balance between growing intrusiveness of technology in daily life and his practice of mindfulness.

Vinayak is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Delhi. ZestMD won the Challenge Cup (Health, India), organized by 1776 (a startup accelerator based in Washington DC, US). Vinayak was awarded the Young Visionary Award 2012 under Indiafrica, an initiative of Govt. of India.

Vinayak is a TEDx speaker.

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