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Aug 2009 | In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at larger amplitude at some frequencies than at others. These are known as the system’s resonance frequencies (or resonant frequencies). At a resonant frequency, even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude vibrations, because the system stores vibrational energy. When damping is small, the resonance frequency is approximately equal to the natural frequency of the system, which is the frequency of free vibrations.

The diagram below explains the case of resonance frequency in a simple case.Resonance 1

Fb is resonant frequency here, and thus we can see that amplitude is much larger for Fb than it is for Fa or Fc.

We would now extend this to explain career choices, social pressure, student potential and career rise through the following case. In the following case, the main frequency has been superimposed by a noise frequency.

Resonance 2In this case Ff is resonant frequency, and Fe, say is a noise frequency. In reality we would have a wide array of noise frequency and little peaks but for simplicity I am taking just one here.

The point I want to make here is that any system attains maximum amplitude only when it is allowed to vibrate at its natural frequency. You can make it vibrate at a lower or higher frequency, but you would never get that kind of amplitudes. In the same manner, with our careers it is important for us to realize our interest and true potential and then realize that. It is only in that field that we can truly excel and reach the top.

It doesn’t matter whether the natural frequency is low or high, what matters is whether the system is vibrating at that frequency or not. Following others in making career choices can result in a disaster. No career should be deemed as low or high when making choices, what matter is whether the stream really interests you or not. Each and every field has its own peak, and only the one who is truly passionate about the job can reach that peak.

Point E may be confused as resonant frequency in a case when the full picture is not visible to a student. It is here that the importance of informed choices is truly represented, it is necessary to make student aware of the entire spectrum so that he can identify his true natural frequency!

2 responses to “Resonance”

  1. Sahil Malhotra says:

    Utmost requirement to realize one’s potential is experimenting and restrain from traversing a given set of path.
    In India people see their career through academics, few becomes sportsman, singer etc.
    Because in the long run one got to earn his livelihood. There are assured and guaranteed means to sustain the living after one gets education. [I am not against education]. The point i want emphasize is that society suppress the natural tendency of an individual, values and norms being embedded into our culture leaves little room for experimenting something different and exploring the new opportunities. There is a given set a path on which an individual has to walk. The reason i see for this, people couldn’t muster the courage to walk on the uncharted routes.
    So, for one to realize his potential, one got believe that experimenting is not going to spoil his career. We need macro level reforms to promote other professions.

  2. gaurav amarpuri says:

    Wow!… the principal of Resonance was never more clearer before.. Great analogy to make a point

    I think the importance of making informed choices in one’s life couldn’t be emphasized more. ‘Life is too short to live somebody else’s life’ and with lack of information, it take a lifetime to find your passion, if one ever finds it.

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