Vinayak Garg :


The focus is currently on introducing new products for Lazy Gardener. With the changes in lockdown, we are working with artisans from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Punjab to craft new line of products in the home gardening space.

Over past few months, I have conducted LIVE classes extensively for gardening, with an average of more than 1 LIVE per day. Now, I am focusing on a Houseplant Masterclass, starting 7 June 2020. It will be held over 5 Sundays. I am extremely happy that as of today we have more than 28,000 people who have registered for the class. I hope to deliver value. (Register at

The work on HeartSense (Heart data analysis app) is progressing well. We are updating continuously. Despite being a great app, I have not been able to focus on marketing it and getting in front of people. Time to do that.

The Facebook group I created for Digital Mindfulness & Digital Minimalism is becoming in-active. This June 2020, I will focus to revive it. I want to revive it because in the past two weeks I have seen an influx of members requesting to join the group. I thus feel that there is a growing need from people for this.

The book is progressing, though much slower than I would have liked.

Lazy Gardener completed 1 Year on May 29. I am extremely happy with the work we have done thus far. Now, the real journey begins!

(Updated June 1 , 2020)