Vinayak Garg :


With Diwali behind us, and the new year approaching most of my time is spent in creating the next stage of product launches for Lazy Gardener. ext few months may appear to be less eventful for Lazy Gardener from the outside, but some really good things are brewing.

The Facebook group I created for Digital Mindfulness & Digital Minimalism is becoming in-active. Maybe in 2022, I will focus to revive it. I want to revive it because in the past two weeks I have seen an influx of members requesting to join the group. I thus feel that there is a growing need from people for this.

The book I was working on is progressing, though much slower than I would have liked. Should be slated for launch in March 2022.

Lazy Gardener completed 2 Years on May 29. I am extremely happy with the work we have done thus far. Now, the real journey begins!

(Updated November 10 , 2021)