Vinayak Garg :


Vinayak is very passionate about internet and how the technology could be used to improve the basic healthcare and education system.

Following are few of the main speaking engagements. (Please note this page is not updated frequently)


Vinayak Garg was a speaker at TEDxNIT-SURAT, held on 26th Feburary 2011. Vinayak explored the mechanism which governs process of making choices amongst people and why is it important for us to teach and encourage students to make ‘Informed Choices‘.

Vinayak Garg was a speaker at “Crossing Borders through Service and Education,” the second annual conference on Closing the Divide in Globalized Times, a conference hosted by faculty and students from the University of Delaware on Jan. 30 2011, at India Habitat Center in New Delhi.Vinayak spoke about the accountability of various stakeholders within the education system, and the role of government in current education system in India. (Read more)


Vinayak Garg was invited to speak at the technical festival organized by the leading engineering college, IIIT – Gwalior in 2015. He spoke on how students could use internet to grow without any boundaries, without any restrictions and how others are using internet to improve the society globally.

What After College: Mentorship workshop on Entrepreneurship. In august 2015 Vinayak presnted a workshop organized in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan to guide students through the challenges of entrepreneurship.