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Teacher Awards

September 2009 | This year Delhi University awarded distinguished teachers on the occasion of teacher’s day. A survey was conducted by the Vice-Chancellor from the post graduate students about the academics they had at the under graduate level. Based on this feedback 80 teachers from different departments and colleges were awarded in a ceremony, by former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Asha Distinguished teacher award delhi universityI am proud to share that my mother was awarded too, as Distinguished Teacher

It is definitely a step in the right direction, but still a lot is left to be desired about the way it was conducted.

A teacher’s primary job is to teach, but still it is not a factor that is considered for appointments, promotions, extensions etc. Would acquiring a Ph.D. definitely imply that one can teach better? Does more research papers reflect that the person can share dreams of the students? It is high time that some measure is developed and used to evaluate the primary job of teachers.

Having student feedback is definitely essential in quantifying the excellence of teaching, but it is needed that the process be holistic and transparent. In this case, the survey was conducted from the post-graduate students of Delhi University, thus putting those teachers at a loss whose students don’t choose to join PG programme at Delhi University.

To sum it I would say, definitely these 80 teachers are Distinguished Teachers, but these are not the only distinguished teachers. (or as an industrial engineer would say the process had, Type 1 error: None of the bad items were accepted, but there is a chance that we rejected good items.)

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Teaching teachers

August 2009 | Currently there is a dearth of well qualified teachers, at all levels. A teacher forms the backbone of an education system and it is required that attention should be paid towards providing this basic necessity to the education system of India.

Considering the fact that education, especially the basic education, is pre-requisite for development of an area, it is necessary to have adequate, well qualified teachers in all areas. Availability of teachers at grass root level could lead to enhanced awareness of general public towards development in various sectors and could enhance general health and economic levels.


Increased number of trained teachers in the states highlighted by the chart would have brought in more development and prosperity to the region, than presence of an IIT (Guwahati)& IIM (Shillong) can ever bring!

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