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Delhi University Admission Process

Oct 2009 | When you want to change any system, I feel it is best that one should first formulate the most desirable system, without any constraints and subsequently adapt it based on current constraints. Doing so enables us to not only make a better system right now, but also chart out a longer vision towards which one would like to go.

In this post I would discuss the centralized admission process adopted by Delhi University a few years back through introduction of centralized forms.

Despite the fact that so much amount of money has been spent for the system it still remain predominantly a make-shift arrangement and much below an expected standard from a central university.

Firstly, let me introduce this process to you:

DU admission system 1

Current admission process in DU

The student who wants to apply to any college of the Delhi University can buy a ‘central admission form’ from university counter and submit it back there. The form is read through OMR and enables students to apply simultaneously to multiple courses and colleges. After the deadline of form submission, the university prepares college wise datasheets containing the details of all the students who have expressed interest in the college. The information is passed onto respective colleges through CDs and floppies.

Simultaneously, colleges continue to sell and collect their own forms.

The whole process has inherent drawbacks. Instead of reducing commotion and chaos in the admission process, the ‘central admission form’ of university is actually aiding to increase the same. Through centralized form, many students apply to courses which they don’t even intend to attend, thus pushing the cut offs upwards for most of the colleges. Also, many students apply to the same college through both central and college form, again swelling the cut offs. With cutoffs going high, students hold onto whatever they can get in first list, and wait to make a switch in the second list. This list affects the admission estimates drastically, and this snowballing effect is seen the following cut off lists too!!

So what has this form centralized? Should colleges be allowed to sell their own admission forms? And if the admission process is purely based on marks, then why university doesn’t brings out admission list for each college?

DU admission system

Better admission process proposed for DU

What I propose is a simple, single point admission process.

  1. Having a single unified form across university: This form should be available at all colleges and university offices.
  2. Online form: Have facility to fill the form online, and reduce commotion and chaos
  3. The form should require students to submit a preference order, across all the courses and colleges.( Similar process is followed in engineering admission process, even by AIEEE which has around 1000 affiliated institutes!)
  4. Using this preference order, and the marks the university can simply bring our an admission list. No further lists are necessary.
  5. Colleges should concentrate on marketing themselves to students through seminars and information sessions.

Besides improving the system, this process would also teach students to take decisions. Filling up the preference order, the students would get a chance to plan out their career and take control of their lives!

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  1. Jordan Vivian says:

    I loved your blog article.Really thank you! Awesome.

  2. Mathew Hardaway says:

    Really informative blog article.Really thank you! Will read on…

  3. Avijit singh says:

    The procedure is is very helpful for the students to understand abt the crieteria
    of the admission….

  4. Lathaa Manavalan says:

    I know your blog is all rights reserved blog. I just want to copy your 2 images of centralised admission process in delhi university to a nursery admission website discussion to inform parents what is CAP.
    I want to know if it is permitted or no?
    Waiting for your reply.

  5. Shivam Gupta says:

    Thank you for sharing the process of getting admissions in Du colleges.


  6. manju arora says:

    very convenient process !

  7. raman says:

    the colleges get additional revenue! they will not forego it! the confusion helps them!

  8. raman says:

    delhi students! if u had passed intermediate/CBSE exam with 70 % and above, please come down to the south! tamilnadu has a lakh of seats in engineering. u may get a chance! so is the other southern states!

    in delhi, the land cost is 10-100 crore per acre! no fool will invest in colleges however public spirited or philonthrophic he may be! ! the govt. has not cared about the college education! the top politicians who are plenty in Delhi, will gettheir sons/daughters admited with their influenc or some how or send them abroad!

  9. SANDEEP KUMAR says:

    Lot of thanks sir to tell about delhi university admission process

    your website is very good really I like it

    Thanks once again,

  10. nidhi chib says:

    please tell about the changes initiated from this year.

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